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Transformational Therapy encompasses a somatic holistic approach which recognise and works with each individual client as a whole-istic human being.

With a somatic approach, both the therapist and client becomes more aware of the body sensations and experiences so they can access body cues which in turn indicate that something is 'out of flow'. With awareness, touch, conversation and movement the therapist works along-side the client to explore and resolve those aspects that have become dysfunctional, and so assists in restoring harmony and flow.

Each one of us has our own innate wisdom, stored within the structures of our very being.  During life experiences, trauma and fear may have led a person to build barriers and restrictions which manifest as unconscious neuromuscular locks, thus inhibiting the free flow of energy, movement and expression.  Some barriers are buried so deep within the psyche that one can be completely unaware of their existence.  A somatic holistic appoach affords access and removal of these barriers.
Feelings and emotions are what give meaning to life; without those we would operate as mere robots in pur physical body.  They manifest into existence through thought process and conditioning, and can become habitual. When feelings and emotions are not expressed or the conditioning process is locked, their energetic components become congested within our structures and can often manifest as pain or dysfunction, adversely affecting our hamonious state of being.

The purpose of the physical body is to afford an avenue of expression for the uniqueness of the soul, which is always whole and perfect. The physical body, mind and soul, however, are not separate from each other.  Blockages and restrictions inhibit the expression; consequently, one can become disengaged from the nature of the true self. Emotional memory and body memory can operate independently of each other.  Expeiences that are emotionally too overwhelming to deal with can be stored as body memory (i.e. somatically).  Thereafter, they are expressed as an unconsious response to stress.  As we fear pain or emotional upset, accessing the body is not always comfortable and this can result in trying to work things out in the head when the answer may lie at cellular level in the body tissue.

Transformational Therapy, with its somatic holistic appoach, affords a sensitive therapeutic intervention, utilising the innate, inner wisdom of both client and therapist to achieve a positive, healthy outcome.

Transformational Therapy is a unique opportunity that offers you a gateway for deeper levels of healing and transformation on all aspects, which makes a profound difference and also supports the process of the life journey 'you' as a person is taking.  For improving your relationship with self, actively working on your personal/spiritual growth and developing yourself as a complete human being.

'True Healing is to recognise and embody our inherent wholeness, health and wellbeing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.'

Transformation is about creating your most attractive vision of the future, removing any barriers to achieving it and allowing it to happen.'